Interview with New York Times Assistant Managing Editor for Photography Michele McNalaly

Michele McNally — Talk to the Newsroom — The New York Times — Reader Questions and Answers – New York Times: Michele McNally fields reader questions for the New York Times and talks about what it’s like to work as a photographer for their paper. An interesting read that touches on style, ethics and confrontation in shooting for America’s most well known newspaper.

(Thanks, Josh!)

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  1. JeffH says:

    One comment Michelle made that particularly caught my eye was “You are prohibited from shooting bridges and tunnels, less so the subway.” This is a quite curious statement. Last time I checked, here in the USA, we had a right to photograph anything that can be seen from a public space. Can anyone from New York comment on this? Is there actually a law in New York prohibiting what can be photographed?

  2. LeggNet says:

    Interesting read. Thanks for the heads up and the link.

  3. Thomas Hawk says:

    Jeff H. I noticed that too. I that is unfortunate as I believe that this is misinformation on her part. Although with regards to the subway tunnels specifically in New York I was asked by police not to shoot them when I was there two years ago. They also made me put my tripod away in Grand Central Terminal. Kind of sucked.

  4. Joe Reifer says:

    As a side note, the New York Times is rather notorious for the rights grabbing “Work For Hire” contract it forced freelance photographers to sign a few years ago.

  5. JeffH says:


    There is a thread going about this article on ‘The online Photographer’ blog.;=115263847238296890
    One of the contributors posted a link to a letter he sent the NY Times, asking them to clarify the statements they made regarding photographers rights to shoot in public.

    Jeff H.