Raided – Servers Seized

Slyck News – Raided – Servers Seized SLYCK has a story out on, one of the largest bittorent sites on the interenet, being raided and shut down. On ThePirateBay website they say they will be up and fully functional within a day or two.

Well, I guess the MPAA and RIAA finally won. Time to stop all this file trading and go back to buying CDs again. It sure was nice while it lasted.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I very much would love to see some of your photography skills on

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think they one. If the MAN brings down one torrent site hoster, out of thousands, they have won a small skrimish in a backyard. Besides, i’m sure this site will be back up in no time. Like many others. They can’t stop the ball when it’s rolling like this, all they can do is change the shape of the path the ball is rolling into. A shape that will benifet everyone.

  3. famdamily says:

    Looks like the Pirates are back up…