More Stupidity from Your Fine Friends at Cingular

Cingular’s Big Business Mistake in 2006 First off, I’ve got a huge problem with Cingular. Even though they still are my provider today, they totally screwed me over a while back. I went through a hellacious experience, was misinformed by them several times and ended up out a lot of money over it. At least my “Cingular Sucks” article has made it to the front page of Google for the “Cingular Sucks” search. There are, by the way, about 16,900 search results for the specific quote locked “cingular sucks” search. There’s only 9,280 search results for “home depot sucks” and 21,200 search results for Walmart sucks. So I guess Cingular would be somewhere between the two in evilability, at least per some magic donkey down at Google.

But the point of this post is not for me to rant on more about how I hate Cingular. The point of the article is to link to where they point out the idiocy of Cingular spending $5.15 each month in postage (not to mention the printing, paper, etc. costs) to send some guy his massive bill that details every single data transfer activity on his phone.

The guy obviously does not want this huge piece of crapola cluttering up his mailbox every month so he’s blogged about the stupidity of it. “Cingular, please – a little common sense would be useful here. Those with unlimited data plans don’t really need to know each and every time they made a data transfer, because they don’t care. Does my ISP save and send me a record every time I visit a web site? Of course not.”

So hopefully Cingular decides that killing one less tree might be a good thing and takes this guys advice. But somehow I doubt that they will. In his words, “Yes, your lawyers probably gave you some reasons why you need to send out full histories of every data transfer, but they’re clearly stupid.”

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  1. Roger Krueger says:

    If my stockbroker can get away with e-mail-only notification for stock transactions well over $10,000 I gotta believe Cingular could do it for data transfers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thomas hawk. You sir are an idiot. All you do is complain how everything sucks and how much cingular sucks. You have your reasons but they are not researched at all. If you would like I can explain every problem you seem to have. I really dont understand how someone who is autistic can make a website