Tony Hawk’s Digital Connection

Well fortunately, I have to say, I have never gotten any erroneous email directed to SkatrPro Tony Hawx! But unfortunately, for the comedian Tony Hawks, he has received quite a bit of email intended for Tony Hawk the skateboarding pro. And fortunately for us, Tony Hawks the comedian likes to answer these erroneous emails when he gets them.

He’s got pages of these emails but here’s an example:

“Dear Tony Hawk

I know your busy, but after your done could you talk to me.Could you tell me the special tricks for Tony Hawk pro skater 1 for N 64 also I was thinking that if you can send me a skate board if you have any extra that you don’t need . Because I use to skate board but someone stole my board ,and I was pretty good on skating and Im talented too I could play the ukulele If you know what that is, and the piano too . thank your for time reading my e-mail , hope to hear from you soon.



Dear Byran (or do you mean Bryan? – you skateboarders are such shocking spellers).

I would like to say that I’m sorry that your sketeboard got nicked, but I’m not. Can’t you see that this is a good thing? Instead of wasting your time trying to work out how to do an N 64 trick (not a good one anyway – the G 45 is miles better and doesn’t involve jelly) you could be spending your time doing what all young men of your age should be doing – yes, Playing The Ukelele!

Yes, byran – well done for plating the ukelele! I never wanted to fritter my life away on skateboards. If only I could play the uke! My life would not be the empty sham which it is now.

Yours Tony Hawks

PS. Do you know ‘Leaning on a lamp-post?'”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is my first time ever on this! Just want you to know that I am your number 5 fan!!!!!

  2. Poe says:

    Want you to know that I have collected your video games and they were super awsome!!!

  3. Aye says:

    I love your game! The graphics are awsome!!!!!!!

  4. Wang says:

    dude, You are totally awsome. You are my insperation~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wang says:

    dude, You are totally awsome. You are my insperation~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!