Energizer Bunny Quits Going

By Davis Freeberg

Let’s face it, digital toys are great, but they can really chew through batteries. Nothing is more frustrating then wanting to use your digital camera, mp3 player or wireless remote controller only to find out that you’ve run out of juice. For some of the nicer toys they’ve started to build in their own batteries, but the more gadgets I buy the more batteries I seem to need. While my battery costs pale in comparison to what Tom has to spend powering his children’s toy chest, it does appear that there may be some energy relief on it’s way.

In a classic case of the tortoise and the hare, it looks like Panasonic has passed Energizer in the race for the longest lasting battery. For years Energizer has used their trademark bunny to advertise the superiority of their brand, but Live Digitally links to a review where Techlore compares the new Panasonic Oxyride batteries with Energizer and Panasonic alkaline batteries and reports some impressive results. For his experiment, Techlore used an old digital camera. These things are huge battery hogs and apparently the difference in Oxyride and alkaline is most noticable in high voltage products. In his experiment he found that he was able to take 5 times as many pictures with the new batteries then with the old alkaline technology.

“It looks like slow and steady wins the race for every rabbit that isn’t pink and pounding a big drum. Not only did Oxyride absolutely destroy Energizer’s Max product, but to add insult to injury, Panasonic also edged out a win over Energizer with their significantly lower priced alkaline. Even if the results were flipped, I’d still call it a win since Panasonic’s Alkaline Plus is significantly cheaper than Energizer Max.

One undeniable fact remains; Panasonic has hit a grand slam with Oxyride. It actually provides significant performance improvements over regular alkaline batteries, and doesn’t cost you any more than the premium alkaline battery that is powering your digital still camera right now. Even if you don’t believe it yourself, try them once. I guarantee you won’t ever use anything else in your high-drain electronics again. It’s a no-brainer”

While I’m not sure if making batteries last longer is really a good thing for the battery industry, it’s certain to be a boost for Panasonic. Because of the higher voltage of the Oxyride battery, it won’t work for every digital product, but it sounds like these are going to work the best with the products that need the most juice, which makes them perfect for most of my digital toys.

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  1. Shawn Morton says:

    For the stuff I use a lot (digital camera, portable ipod speakers, remote controls, etc.), I’ve invested in rechargable batteries . Many of the newer chargers will recharge the batteries in 15 minutes. And if you keep a few spares with you, you never have to worry about being without power.