You Gotta Love the Billboard Liberation Front

Boing Boing: Billboard Liberation Front hits a Chevron ad in SF It seems like Chevron is the latest target.

Update: Milton Rand Kalman, the BLF’s Chief Scientist just emailed me saying that this billboard rearrangement was not actually their work but tha tof a strategic partner, the California Department of Corrections:

From Kalman: “Gotta read the post more carefully, Tommy tom. It was the work of the California Department of Corrections, a strategic partner/competitor in billboard improvements.

Their site is dead because they use one of those filty GeoCities sites, but they do good work.

Thanks for the post though. if you’re going to the Maker Faire, I’ll see you there, and I hope it drives you crazy that you won’t know which person saying hi is me.”

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  1. So it’s a group that’s vandalizing billboards to pormote a retarded and false message?

  2. Actually Thomas, we didn’t do it. The improvement was the work of our stragetic partner/competitor the California Department of Corrections.

    And Robert, I can’t speak for the CDC but the BLF’s improvement is rarely political and never permanently damages the board.

    also you a filty apologist, not having money does not mean you can have message.

    Covertly Yours,
    Milton Rand Kalman
    BLF Chief Scientist

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