Flickr Central Uncensored Group Created

Flickr: FlickrCentral Uncensored With a quick launch and 275 members as of so far today, Flickr Central Uncensored has launched as an alternative to those who would wish to discuss Flickr in a Flickr Central sort of way but without admin banning, locking and censorship.

The group, which I’m serving as an admin of, describes itself as “Flickr Central Uncensored is a place for the newbies to get a taste of what Flickr is about, and a place for the more experienced users to keep a finger on the pulse of our favorite addiction. This group is for viewing Flickr from high above – a place for posts on things that are about Flickr or would interest most flickrites.”

Recently user T-Mix was complaining about having a thread that he started at Flickr Central locked. From T-Mix: “I think that locking a thread without telling me or anybody else why is a bit rude. At least I feel pissed off. If that’s what you wanted, congrats, you suceeded.” Flickr Central Member Brendadada started the group.

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  1. I moderate the forums for Microsoft over at (

    I, myself, have locked threads without notifying a person. But there is reason. Maybe it is because of the age of the average forum member, or the volume. (Have over 340,000 members).

    I tend to lock posts, so that people will not try to attack me. (Yes it has happened before).

    It is hard to please everyone, but, there are Code of Conducts and Terms of Use that everyone need to abide by.

  2. Tony says:

    By now, the group broke down anyways … Maybe we all learned something, I hope I did.

  3. Tony says:

    Oh, I forgot, the old FlickrCentral Uncensored broke down, long live the new FlickrCentral Uncensored!
    (Warning, you may encounter raw language)