Disney to Make TV Shows Available Free on Web… About Five Years Too Late

Disney to make TV shows available free on Web Ok, everybody’s all in a tizzy today about how cool it is that ABC is going to make versions of their TV shows available on the internet. Welcome to 2000.

Personally I’d rather,

1. Watch the show in high def on my HDTV TiVo for free (well not for free but since I pay for satellite service anyways at no additional cost).

2. Make a copy of it on my Media Center PC and just copy it over to my laptop where I can fast forward through the commercials or watch it anywhere in the world via Orb or…

3. Download a copy through bittorrent for free and fast forward through the commercials.

Yeah, yeah, I know, everybody doesn’t have a PVR/TiVo/Media Center PC, but for those of us who do, what a lame service that we’ll never use.

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  1. kip says:

    wouldn’t most people that are likely to download have some sort of dvr?

  2. Bryan Socha says:

    If it will get the kids off my good tv, I like this idea 🙂 I’d even get them a little portable unit to sync with. Will it help keep them quiet in the car? Don’t have to use space on the dvr for their shows or the time to transcode. What exactly is the bad side of this?