Brightcove Launches Broadband Internet TV

About a year ago I interviewed Jeremy Allaire Founder and CEO of an interesting new company called Brightcove that had ambitious plans for launching an internet television offering built around various ad supported and pay per view models for delivering both mainstream as well as lots of more successful niche long tail content to viewers via the PC. And since last April things certainly have been looking up for the company. Back in November of last year Brightcove announced that they had secured $16 million in funding through a partnership with AOL.

Today Brightcove is announcing that they are opening up their service to the public. The idea behind Brightcove is to allow content producers the ability to publish their video content through the Brightcove platform and then use various economic models (pay per view, ad supported, DVD sales, free, etc.) to make their content available for viewers directly through the internet. Brightcove hopes to become the long tail delivery platform of choice for both content publishers and internet TV viewers.

At present Brightcove will be releasing everything free-to-consumer via the Web/Flash, but according to Allaire, “when our paid content and downloads ship in early summer we’ll have support for Microsoft’s Media Center platform, ViiV and portable devices.”

Already they are off to a very ambitious start including deals to distribute all of the Discovery Channel’s broadband offerings, MTV’s teen network “The N,” Reuters, National Lampoon, a finance channel through Smart Money, the Tribeca Film Festival, as well as popular niche offerings for Latinos, kids programming, a karaoke channel, and various other lifestyle offerings.

“All of these publishers and producers are drawn to Brightcove because we have uniquely put together all of the pieces needed to launch an Internet TV business,” said Jeremy Allaire. “From publishing, to distribution, to advertising, to syndication, Brightcove lets all of these content owners focus on creating great content, branding and packaging that content, and marketing/distributing it all in ways where they maintain control.”

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