Are Smart SD Chips the New Thing in Digital Photography

Laughing Squid � Eye-Fi Scott Beale, of the Laughing Squid, met with Yuval Koren, CEO of Eye-Fi, and saw a new SD card that automatically uploads your photos via Wi-Fi. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet but it looks pretty slick!

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  1. Now that is the way forward – it means that cameras don’t have to have WiFi inbuilt, instead your computer or printer can just connect with your laptop and ‘hey presto’.

    You currently get SD cards that snap in half to insert into USB ports, and you get SD card sized WiFi dongles (for the Treo etc), but a combination of the two, with a decent amount of space for photos will prob still be at least a year or two off (to make it a reasonable cost effective alternative to a card reader).