TiVo’s Trip to Capitol Hill

By Davis Freeberg

TiVo sent Tom Rogers all the way to Capitol Hill today in order to announce their first update to their Kidzone program. At the press event, TiVo announced that they would be including programs that meet the FCC’s Education and Informational (E/I) criteria as well as an additonal partnership with the Parents Choice Foundation.

Dave Zatz was on the scene at today’s event and he will be releasing a three part series that features the people behind today’s announcement, the product itself, and his thoughts on the technology. Kidzone is shaping up to be a real benefit for TiVo and for parents everywhere.

When it comes to technology, kids have been smarter then the parents for a long time. My parents always tried to restrict content in our house, but everytime they figured out a way to lock it down, we would inevitably figure out a hack around it. When I was a kid I once spent about three hours entering sequential numbers before I was able to figure out my parents four digit passcode on the TV. After three attempts, it should have had a warning message to my parents at the very least.

With Kidzone, parents will not only be able to better restrict what their kids can watch, but it will also help parents find programing that is appropriate for their kids. Between the ability to time shift off peak programs and the parental suggestions that are being implemented, TiVo has the potential to radically change the television experience for an upcoming generation. Overall, I think Forbes’ analysis of the announcement describes it best.

“parents: Prepare for a plethora of enriching programs you never knew existed. And kids: Kiss goodbye to hours of all that slothful bliss in front of pointless, yet somehow delectable, eye candy.”

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