TiVo to Extend Their Lifetime Subscription Option to April 15th 2006

TiVo Marketing Manager Bob Pony posts over in the TiVo Community Forum that TiVo is extending their lifetime service (originally to be phased out on March 15th) to April 15th. If you want lifetime service on a Series 2 TiVo you’ve got a second chance to get it.

When TiVo made their announcement to drop lifetime service in their most recent conference call they received a lot of heat after the fact at places like Slashdot with folks swearing they would never buy a TiVo again with lifetime service etc.

I’d previously suggested that TiVo use a limited availibility of the return of the lifetime service when launching Series 3 later this year and that they consider using it as a tool to pump up sales from time to time if they lag by opening the lifetime service window.

Personally I’m not sure why anyone would actually buy a Series 2 TiVo right now with Series 3s due out later this year (although the Series 3 of course will most likely cost *a lot* more money), but if you wanted one and plan on using it for a long time lifetime service is definitely the best value play.

From TiVo Community Forum:

“We appreciate the feedback and apologize if some of our agents are providing inaccurate information.

We know that there have been retail advertisements which refer to product lifetime, and there have been requests here for a longer opportunity to purchase lifetime before it’s discontinued. As a result, we have decided to offer product lifetime as a subscription option through 4/15/06, even for those that have purchased since 3/15 (you do have to call to activate lifetime service though, and lifetime is not applicable for systems purchased via a bundle plan).

Our customer service team is being updated today, so please wait until later today or tomorrow and call back once the message has been delivered to all the agents.


TiVo Product Marketing”

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  1. Who would buy a Series2 today? A better question is who would benefit, or even be able to use a Series3 once it’s announced?

    The 1/4 to 1/3 of subscription TV households who have Satellite TV couldn’t make sure of a Series3 if they wanted to, for the forseeable future there will _only_ be the Series2 for these people.

    HD adoption is definitely growing, and that adoption will likely accelerate but still I’d be very surepised if even 10% of houeholds will have a HDTV by the time the Series3 is released. It won’t be until the SD signals are finally cut off (I predict the FCC will keep putting that off until around 2010) and the prices of HDTVs (which are currently artificially inflated) that HDTVs will be anything close to common

    For the WAY WAY WAY majority of households the only thing that the Series3 offers (if they can use it at all) is two SD tuners, higher capacity and built in Ethernet, hardly compelling reasons to spend >$500 (not including service) for a Series3.

    For the less than 5% of households who: a) Have Digital Cable and b) have an HDTV the Series3 will be great I’m sure.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a series 1 since 1999 when it costed $600. Since then I have been waiting for the mythical Series3 to trasnfer the promised “grandfathered” lifetime service that Tivo promised to the early early original Tivo 1 owners. Wonder what is going to happen with this change.