TiVo Series 2 and a Half?

Zatz Not Funny — TiVo Series 2 Hardware Refresh Dave Zatz blogged about a new TiVo he’s found online and it would appear to be the first dual tuner TiVo. Don’t get too excited though, it’s not the new dual tuner CableCARD high def monster Series 3. It woudl appear instead to be an intermediate offering between single tuner Series 2 TiVos out today and the upcoming dual tuner Series 3.

I guess this model would be meant to appeal to the more bargain conscious DVRer who didn’t really care about picture quality or high def but wanted to record two things at once.

The basics from Amazon:

” * Record shows from two basic cable channels, or one basic cable and one digital cable channel, at once.
* Up to 180 hours recording capacity
* Includes Ethernet and USB ports, so connecting to your home network is a snap
* Only TiVo offers exclusive features like WishList searches, Season Pass recordings, TiVoToGo transfers, plus new online services like music, photos, and more!

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