Tests Find DRM Shortens Player Battery Life by up to 25%

Tests find DRM shortens player battery life by up to ~25% – CD Freaks.com: One more reason to buy your own CDs and rip them into crystal clear DRM free mp3s.

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  1. Obviously I’m no DRM fan but this wasn’t a fair test. They compared MP3 to a DRM’d WMA file for the PlaysForSure device and then compared an MP3 and a DRM’d AAC file for the iPod. These files all use completely different CODECs to play.

    A better test would have been to compare a DRM’d WMA file to a clean WMA file, then a DRM’d AAC file to a clean AAC file.

    On a related note, I wonder if there is a difference in battery life when working with an OGG file compared to a MP3 file?