Part Two of an Interview with Microsoft Media Center Chief Joe Belfiore

The Clicker: A sitdown with Joe Belfiore (Part II) – Engadget: Engadget is out with part two of their interview with Microsoft Media Center Chief Joe Belfiore. In the interview Joe talks about DRM, closed vs. open DVR systems and the future of the industry.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Notice that engadget turned off comments on that article? We can’t post what we think of the bending over that Microsoft is going to allow their best customers to take. The home theater enthusiast who wants to build his own machine is getting screwed. Microsoft should have walked away from cablelabs and embraced HD recording via firewire. It already works in the current version of Mediacenter. The cable companies are required by law to enable their firewire ports on their cable boxes. It would have been a win win for the end user.