Nikon D200 Review

Lets Go Digital has a review out on the Nikon D200. I’m more of a Canon guy myself but this has been a pretty hot Nikon SLR.

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  1. is also recommending it highly.

    I’m glad to hear you’re a Canon person since that’s all I’ve been using so I could continue using the same accessories. I been using the G-Series and Power Pro 1. I keep hoping for an high-end EOS with a swing LCD.

    I assume you’ve already answered this question but what camera do you use? If you can just point me to a previous post of your favorites I’d be grateful. I’d like my photos like my recent once in a lifetime, to have the nice glossy look you get with your shots.


  2. One thing I didn’t see in the review is if Nikon decided to encrypt the white balance data in the raw images. There was a big (but brief) uproar about that last year where they started encrypting the wite balance fata (using a weak, easily broken encryption scheme) in the raw NEF format images on their high end DSLRs.

    The purpose of which is to prevent any third party (non Nikon) raw editing software (like Phostoshop or the GIMP) from accessing the white balance information, and so they could sue any company that broke their encryption uder the DMCA.

    The fact that Nikon was actively taking steps to limit how Nikon customers work with their own images was enough to get me to put Nikon on my very short list of companies that I’ll never buy from (not even Sony is on that list)

  3. Duncan says:

    My father just bought one of these.

    Hopefully when he gets tired of it i’ll get a SWEET hand me down!