Gizmodo Claims Flickr Censors User and Gets Called Out Over Wrong Reporting on the Flickr Blog

FlickrBlog The Flickr blog has a post about an article that appeared on Gizmodo suggesting that Flickr had censored photos of one of their members at the bequest of Apple. Flickr denied the story and Gizmodo has subsequently issued a retraction.

Stewart sez: “The person who wrote that just completely made it up. Apple did not contact us. We did not remove the photos. In fact, we only heard about this because some people have written in complaining about our “censorship”.

Though we will remove photos that violate our terms of service, the community guidelines or when requested to do so through a DMCA copyright takedown request, we would not remove users’ photos simply because someone else did not like the contents.

To summarize: people make stuff up, don’t believe everything you read, and to the three sites listed above: “Tsk tsk. Lame. At least take a look before writing.” (The user very clearly explained what happened and that they removed the photos by themselves, of their own choice.)”

Good point about not believing everything you read. I’m glad to see Gizmodo issue a retraction.

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