ApplieInsider Asks if Apple is Developing an iTunes Movie Download Service

AppleInsider | Apple researching iTunes feature film movie service?: AppleInsider is reporting, based on an iTune-centric research study, that Apple may be in the intermediate stages of developing an iTunes movie download service.

“A survey distributed this week through Coyote Insight, a Fullerton, Calif.-based market research firm, asked that participants answer a series of questions related to a potential “iTunes movie service” that would provide on-demand access to movies that could be downloaded to a computer or iPod.

“This iTunes service would provide access to 1,000 movies on demand which can be downloaded to your computer and, in turn, to your video iPod if you have one, or even your television if it is connected to your computer,” read a description early in the survey.”

“The survey asked participants to rate the described service on a scale of 1 to 10. Based on the same scale, it also asked that participants indicate how likely they would be to subscribe to the new iTunes service for a monthly fee of $9.99.”

VOD has the potential to be a huge cash cow. With this week’s introduction of the new Mac Mini positioned as a media center computer, a service like this would make a lot of sense for Apple — particularly since their Mac Mini does not have a PVR or an easy way to get video content on the box beyond low quality iTunes TV downloads.

For me, whether this service would get a thumbs up hot donkey call out or a this is crap post comes down to a single thing. The quality of the broadcast. Especially with movies people want to see their content in a full high def blaze of glory. If the service were to provide downloads of comparable quality to their crappy low res TV downloads then I would not see how it could become the home run that I’m sure Apple is looking for. Although certainly more convenient than Netflix, with HD DVD and Blu-Ray just around the corner, people are looking for better quality, not worse.

Until someone figures out how to get high def over these so called fat pipes of ours it is hard to get excited about anything like this.

Update: grrrr… Scott just emailed me about the typo in the headline. Unfortunately with Blogger you can’t change headlines or it results in dead links. Sorry about that ApplieInsider!

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