TiVo Blog Launches Inside TiVo

By Davis Freeberg

Nova from the official TiVo blog is out with her first TiVo employee interview and it offers a few interesting tidbits to TiVo devotees. This will be a new feature on their blog that they are calling Inside TiVo. It’s a great way for TiVo to start introducing us to the actual people who are behind the development of their great technology. Amir started at TiVo about 14 months ago and has been helping the company upgrade subscribers with online services. While I always expected that there would be some interest in Yahoo Traffic and Weather plugins, I was a little surprised to hear that TiVo customers like using their boxes for podcasts as well.

“It’s been pleasantly surprising to see the trends. We see peak usage times in the evenings, which is to be expected. We see a large number of customers who use weather and traffic regularly…also to be expected. But we didn’t expect quite as much usage with Live365 and Podcaster as we’ve seen. We’re really glad these are so popular. Some people spend hours at a time listening to these music and talk radio stations.”

With all the great TV out there, I’ve never gotten too into the podcasting myself, but could see how this would be a popular feature for TiVo owners to have access to. In many ways, TiVo’s ability to harness the internet for compelling content puts them in strong position to compete with satellite and terrestrial radio. Instead of having to tune in at a certain time, you can download your favorite online shows and listen to them at your convenience. Admittedly, Diggnation and This Week in Tech isn’t the same thing as Howard Stern or Kevin and Bean, but as more people begin to use the net for their radio, TiVo is in a great position to capitalize on this trend.

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