ShutterBook, the Latest Photosharing Site

Chrono Tron – 100% — ShutterBook: The Flickr Killer Well we had Vizrea which profiled their software at Demo 2006 (I’m testing it out now and my Vizrea page is here) and now we have Shutterbook also making a venture into the photo sharing space. I haven’t tried Shutterbook yet but it looks interesting. Like Flickr and Vizrea they are offering limited free accounts with Pro upgrades. Their Pro upgrade includes 20 Gigs of space and unlimited bandwidth but costs a lot more than Flickr or Vizrea (priced at $49.00 per year).

Also for more on Vizrea you can read the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg’s thoughts on the service here as well as see a video of their demo from Demo 2006 here.

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