Ambassador from the 12 Galaxies, Meet the Ambassador from the Jolly Roger

Ambassador From 12 Galaxies, Meet The Ambassador from the Jolly Roger

Today at lunch this crazy butt naked pirate was running around Market St. He didn’t really seem to be a viral marketing thing or anything, he was just running around yelling at everyone and talking all pirate crazy like.

As luck would have it, while he was doing his thing at the corner of Market and 1st, who comes sauntering across the street? None other than his excellency Frank Chu himself. Frank agreed to pose for a photo with the pirate and the pirate kept yammering on in pirate talk about 12 Galaxies the whole time.

To learn more about Frank you can catch an interview that he did here.

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  1. Jeremiah says:

    I met “The Chu” Saturday night at none other than the fine 12 Galaxies itself (i was on a film crew there.)

    Dude is totally, totally whacked. He kept trying to position himself (and his sign) in our shots. Luckily, he moves when you stare at him.

  2. hifi says:

    I met the guy right before JJ said and JJ wouldn’t listen to my explanation of who the guy was. What a lame ass now he’s trying to front like he’s all about Chu. I walked up to him at one point and said “If you pay me $1000.00 , I’ll let you stand there”.. “Stay off the camera dude” “for real”

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