Top 100 Digg Stories from 2005

Well if you like Digg you are going to want to check out the top 100 dugg stories from 2005. I’m biased of course as my PriceRitePhoto camera debacle story was the top story of the year, but there are a lot of other great stories worth checking out. Some of my favorites? #14 College Student Beats Microsoft in $143.50 Legal Battle, #18 RIAA Sues Woman Who Has No Computer For Sharing Music, and #26, Slashdot is Losing it’s Edge to There’s a whole bunch of other great stories that you’ll want to check out. A fun read and a first page Digg story in it’s own right.

By the way, for those of you Digg fans out there, just a reminder tonight that Kevin Rose, founder of Digg and Dignation podcast personality is going to be talking about the future of search and the implications of social networks down at Yahoo! tonight. I’m planning on being there. I should be an interesting session.

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