“The Sopranos” March 12, HBO

Times Leader | 01/02/2006 | Return of Tony Soprano’s family leads TV highlights of new year: Is it too early to start a Soprano’s countdown yet?

“By the time Tony Soprano and his family, friends and enemies resurface, it will have been nearly two years since HBO’s mob drama aired its last original episode. That’s one long hiatus, but creator David Chase is legendary for taking his time putting together a new season — which may be part of the reason “The Sopranos” has been one of the best shows in the history of television. Originally, this was supposed to be the series’ last hurrah. That changed when HBO started waving money and Chase started wavering. Now, there will be 12 episodes starting in March and eight more that won’t be seen until January 2007. Generating almost as much buzz: HBO’s sure-to-be controversial new drama “Big Love,” about a Utah man with three wives and families. It will air right after “The Sopranos” on Sundays.”

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