Niveus Media’ Big Honking DVD JukeBox

Om Malik on Broadband — Niveus Media’ Big Honking DVD JukeBox Om’s got a post on some news out from Niveus on their, “Big Honking DVD JukeBox.” I’ve been interested in these DVD jukeboxes ever since seeing the first one out a while back with the Sony Vaio XL1. Although I can’t tell from the Niveus announcement, I’m hoping that like the Sony model this unit can also mass rip CDs. Even more exciting for me than the DVD usage would be the ability to say go out to the CD store, pick up 200 CDS, put them all in the player, press rip, and then go to bed and wake up in the morning with all your music ripped. At present I have to rip each disc one by one and this is tedius and time consuming.

Niveus is a name of course that I’m more interested in than Sony as they tend to focus on the higher end (albeit more expensive) Media Center PCs.

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  1. Peter Dampier (MSFT) says:

    Thomas – You can do just that with the Sony XL1 DVD Changer. Load up 200 CD’s then use the Sony app to rip them all (used your WMP settings for ripping etc) and come down in the morning to it all done….

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Peter, yes, this I know, but can you do the same thing with Niveus’ changer?

  3. Peter Dampier (MSFT) says:

    The Sony one is a custom Sony app that automates the ripping at 10′ via the MCE/WMP SDK – I don’t know if niveus built something similar or not as I haven’t seen their system yet…