A New Interview with Digg Founder Kevin Rose

Philoneist – Philoneist chronicles breaking news stories about innovations in science and technology. – Interview With Digg.com Founder, Kevin Rose “Digg’s registered membership is currently at 140,000 and is doubling every three months. 500,000 unique visitors come to the digg site every day, a figure that is growing by 100,000 each month. New content is submitted to the digg site on an average of 1,000-1,500 stories/content per day.”

When asked about if digg has changed the way people blog Kevin answers: “I honestly believe that the blogging phenomena will continue its strong growth with or without digg. We’ve just made it easier for the blogs with the best content to quickly be recognized by a large group of users.”

I will say it certainly has changed the way that I blog.

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