More Plasma Envy, This Time from LG

LG 102 Inch Plasma HDTV

So it seems like in addition to Samsung and Panasonic trying to claim rights for the world’s largest Plasma HDTV for their 102 and 103 inch models respectively, one more company is also claiming the title of the largest Plasma HDTV, LG. I had a chance to stop by and take a look at LG’s 102 incher and have to say that of the three ultra large mammoth football field style Plasmas, I thought theirs had the best picture. The price? No price. The LG rep that I talked to said that it was a prototype model and that they would be sold individually. Apparently it will not even be available inside the U.S. Standing next to this mammoth wall sized plasma was pretty cool and I suppose when you got an extra half mil around and can afford something like that it would be fun.

LG 71 Inch Plasma HDTV

LG did also show me their 71 inch Plasma HDTV which actually is available. The unit was pretty slick, had a great picture. You can actually buy this one today if you happen to have an extra $75,000 laying around. Ouch. You could get like 25 Canon EOS 5D’s for that price!

One thing that continues to be the case here at CES 2006 is that this will indeed be the year that goes down as the year of CES HDTV.

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