Kent Newsome on iMedia Connections Consumer Generated Content Trends and an Update on Flickr for Video

Newsome.Org: Kent Newsome, who is great with predictions, has his own analysis out on iMedia Connection’s five trends in consumer generated content from the last year that I blogged earlier today.

Kent shares a deep love for Flickr same as I do: “Everyone who knows me knows I am deeply in love with Flickr. It should and will own the photo storage and community market. Tags are just a fancy word for keywords. I use tags on almost all my posts and I believe they will become an almost mandatory part of most web content. That’s a good thing. But keywords aren’t new- they’ve just been repackaged in a sexy package.”

By the way I’m not so sure about Flickr doing the video thing. Stewart emailed me on the photo that I previously posted from his publicly available Flickrstream saying, “actually had nothing to do with Flickr — video search team were using a conference room before us and asked if I could take photos of the whiteboard so they could copy it later.”

Hope this clarifies that. I really do think they should do a version of Flickr for video of course. They have great name brand recognition plus a way to get the video to the television through Yahoo!’s new Go TV initiative.

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  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    You see many bears as a park ranger?

  3. What is it with these automated blog spammers? It drives me crazy! Anyway, I agree that Flickr should do a video thing, or, rather, a “media” thing, as music would be great too. I think there are lots of people like me who would love to get their (admittedly amateur) music out so others could enjoy/hate it.

    BTW, I love your blog. It is one of only three I have automatically download on my RSS reader, and I visit it every day. Good stuff.


    (That’s the first time posting my blog address made me feel like a hypocrite!)