Is Flickr Working on a Flickr for Video?

Image224.jpg, originally uploaded by Stewart.

Ok, I’ll bite. Stewart posts a photo of a whiteboard up with a bunch of what looks like planning notes for a Flickr for video on his personal Flickr stream. What gives?

Update: I’m not so sure about Flickr doing the video thing. Stewart emailed me on the photo that I previously posted from his publicly available Flickrstream saying, “actually had nothing to do with Flickr — video search team were using a conference room before us and asked if I could take photos of the whiteboard so they could copy it later.”

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  1. Jeremiah says:

    Seems like kinduva no-brainer to me….

    One wonders if Yahoo! will get the jump on Google in this arena…

    Speaking of Google and Yahoo!, check out this ominous statement from Carl Icahn re: the future of TW/AOL:

    “However, I am deeply concerned
    that the Time Warner Board may be on the verge of making a disastrous decision
    concerning an agreement with Google if this agreement would make it more
    difficult in any way or effectively preclude a merger or other type of
    transaction with companies such as IAC/InterActive, eBay, Yahoo!, or Microsoft

    etc. etc… I believe there are and will be major opportunities to enhance
    Time Warner’s value in future combinations. However these transactions might
    not be achievable if Time Warner enters into long-term arrangements that
    preclude future flexibility such as an agreement regarding search
    functionality. I also question whether Google is the best partner for
    unlocking the value of the AOL asset. Indeed, a recent Goldman Sachs report
    concludes, “In contrast to the conventional perspective, we believe that eBay,
    followed by InterActive Corp, would provide greater incremental benefits to
    AOL’s option value with fewer conflicts of interest than Yahoo! while MSN and
    Google would provide the least incremental benefits.”

    emphasis mine…