How Not to Deal With a Blogger

How Not To Deal With Blogs: A Case Study at MobHappy So apparently Bluepulse employees decide to engage a blogger in the comments field in a blog post. When the blogger points out that what they are saying contradicts their own website they go back and change their website and then are assholes about it and come back to point out her “error.” Fortunately for the blogger the folks at Bluepulse are pretty stupid and don’t really understand little things like Google cache or screen shots. Now who’s made the error?

Davis Freeberg Update – It appears that Bluepulse has an issued a quick apology. In a comment to Mobhappy they wrote

This incident certainly does highlight some of the important issues in the role of blogs as media, and in workplace environments where employees are encouraged to communicate with the outside world through their own blogs and those of others, rather than through an all-controlling PR manager. I don’t think anybody reading these comments really wants us to react to this event by banning employees from communicating in blogs – in return I hope you can understand that not every bluepulse employee’s comment is an official company statement.

While I think it’s terrible that an employee would try and get away with this kind of behavior, I also believe that the company is sincere and I admire them for not trying to censor their employees. I think this was an appropriate response and should help to put this issue to rest.

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