HDTV on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All? Miravision, by Philips

Miravision by Philips

One of the more impressive technologies I’ve seen at CES thus far is Miravision by Philips. Miravision basically turns a mirror into a high definition television set and Philips is showing off two new models at CES, a 32 inch version and a 42 inch version. The photo above is one that I took of the 42 inch model.

I’ve been thinking about getting one of these Miravision sets for the bedroom but I’d never in the past been able to see the picture quality on one. As I’m a huge picture quality fanatic and there are not many Miravision sets to see in the showroom in the Bay Area, I was happy to finally get to look at one. The consensus? Great picture! I was skeptical at first that having a mirror/tv combo although cool would result in a less than spectacular high def picture. The picture though looked super good. It was certainly on par or even better than most non mirror HDTV sets I’ve seen here. It wasn’t as good as the Sharp Aquos LC-65D90U 65 inch LC-TV, of course, but then again the Sharp is the best HDTV I’ve seen on the floor here yet at CES. And that by the way is saying something as the theme of this year’s CES will most certainly go down as high def. EVERYWHERE you go it’s high def this high def that — it’s completeley saturated the entire convention.

The only thing I didn’t like about the Miravision set was that it had a little Philips logo bug glued on to the bottom of the screen. This looked like you might be able to chip it off the unit though. Not that I’m opposed to Philips marketing their product in people’s homes but the whole idea about this thing is the simplicity of the design especially as a mirror and it just seemed to detract a bit aesthetically.

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