DM Gallery a Best of Flickr Virtual Art Gallery

DM GalleryFlickr: The DM Gallery – revenge is best served cold Pool What happens when you let 581 members collectively build a top 200 image virtual art gallery on Flickr? DM Gallery is a rotating pool limited to 200 images that are voted to be saved by the rigorous judges in the Deleteme Uncensored Group.

The difference between DM Gallery and other voting groups on Flickr is that DM Gallery is capped at 200 photos, which means that as each new photo is voted in, one must be removed. Over time this should produce one of the most stunning 200 photo galleries on Flickr.

We just reached our 200 photo cap and photos have begun being removed. If you would like to see 200 of Flickr’s best photos, click here. If you’d like to see them in an even more stunning slide show, click here. Be sure and check back as well as the collection in this virtual gallery will only get better and better over time and is updated pretty much daily with new shots being added and old one’s being taken out.

While there are no currators beyond our collective wisdom at this gallery, it is an interesting experiment in the ability for a group of 581 individuals to collectively choose which art belongs.

We are also saving a much larger pool of all of the images that are saved by this group at The Folio.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Thomas Hawk is my hero!