Davis Freeberg’s Site of the Week


This week’s winner of the site of the week contest was Top Secret Recipes. This site attempts to replicate recipes for famous brands. They’ve done a pretty good job with most of them, but some recipes have proven more difficult to crack and you can find multiple versions where they have tried to perfect imcomplete recipes. If you’ve ever wanted to save money by making a twinkie at home or if you’ve ever wondered how much butter is really in those mouth watering Mrs. Fields cookie, then this is the site for you. Most of the recipes that are listed are free of charge, but the site does charge a pay per recipe for some of their more top secret recipes. While the site has a clean design and offers some interesting content, it has not been without controversy. There might be a lot of us out there who are interested in starting a coca cola bootleg operation, but believe it or not a lot of companies want to protect their trade secrets from their competitors. The site has already been forced to pull a number of recipes from the site after receive complaints from the brands that they clone. Personally, I’d rather just go to Outback and spend the $8 for a blooming onion, but for those do it yourselfers, Top Secret Recipes gives you the right tools to convert your kitchen into a 7-11.

If anyone has a site or a blog that they would like to suggest, please send it to Davis *at* thomashawk.com This week’s site nominations are as follows:

The Superficial

Nervous Rat

Rate My Teacher

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