Are You a Pro Photographer? Or Good Enough to Be?

Brian Stucki has started the Are You a Pro? Blog where he plans to let people submit photos for consideration and then once a month choose the photo he likes the most and automatically buy you a Flickr Pro Account. If you are already a Pro he will add a year’s worth of service on your existing account. Although most of the best photographers I know on Flickr already have Pro accounts, if you do not you might want to consider publishing one of your shots to his pool if you think it’s good enough.

Per his blog:

1. I will select a theme for a contest. (e.g., ice). If you would like to enter the contest, submit your photo to the Are You A Pro? Group on or send me an email with the link.

2. I will post the best ones to where everyone can see and comment on them.

3. Using the comments and my own opinion, I will select the winner.

4. The winner will be notified. They will then be sponsored on a Flickr Pro account. (If the winner is already pro, they can have their account extended a year or offer it to a contact or friend. Plus, they’ll prove their right to be pro.)

5. Then, we start over with a new theme.

He’s starting his contest on February 1st and to enter you submit your photos to his group on Flickr.

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