Akimbo Back in the Hardware Business, Ugh!

Zatz Not Funny — Akimbo’s Not Dead Yet, To Offer Movielink VOD Dave Zatz files a report on a new RCA-produced box running Akimbo software that will sell for $199. The gimmick? This box will offer a video on demand by broadband from Movielink. Dave reports that “sadly, like the existing box, content will not be offered in HD.”

I think this direction is misguided. People do not want to buy an Akimbo box AND then pay a monthly fee AND then pay additional download fees. One of the best things about Akimbo partnering with Media Center is that it took a seperate box out of the picture. Rather than working on new boxes, my opinion is that Akimbo should instead be focusing on how to make their service better and better and how to better price a la carte and all you can eat consumption pricing models via their Media Center platform.

I *might* be able to see this thing fly if you could get HDTV content. But Movielink has been around on the PC and Media Center PC for a while with lackluster success. Nobody want bad quality movie video downloads for their great new high definition television sets — and those that can’t afford HDTV sets are not the tech savvy who would be downloading movies via an Akimbo or the internet in the first place.

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