What’s harder to get than an Xbox or an iPod? Nikon D200

Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger — What’s harder to get than an Xbox or an iPod? Nikon D200 Apparently B&H; Photo quickly sold out of their allotment of Nikon D200s, the new XBox 360s of the camera world. Scoble says he’s impressed with how Henry Posner of B&H; Photo has been handling complaints in the forum. It’s nice to see that B&H; cares about their reputation and would follow up in the forums that way.

By the way, the Canon EOS5D just dropped below $3,000 at B&H; and I bought on from them on Friday. I’ll report back on the experience later. One hiccup with verifying my work phone number today but I’m expecting to get the camera tomorrow.

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  1. Mike Wood says:

    I look forward to your review of the 5D. Glad you finally got one. Now I am really green with envy. 🙂

  2. Craig says:

    Thomas, I am surprised by how many people are still leery of B&H.; I have been doing business with them for years and have had nothing but excellent results. Their customer service is good, ordering online from them is easy, and they have the coolest catalogs on the planet if you are a techno lusting photog like I am (and I suspect you are as well). I think that some people suspect all camera stores in New York these days which is a shame because there are a couple like B&H; and Adorama that really are good operations.

    BTW, I am pretty jealous, I would love to replace my Digital Rebel with a 5D… my wife would kill me though as it would also require a new housing and some new lenses.