What Kids Reveal Online

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  1. Thanks for bringing this topic up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    although i’m too young to be having kids of my own, this is definately very important seeing how most kids these days have myspace, xanga, facebook, etc. and give out all their personal information to everyone out there. It even makes me a little bit more aware of my own habits and i’ll be sure to safeguard my info from now on.

    When you talked about the Networkcar, I was entrigued and visited their website. It really looks like something that would be beneficial. Just a question, do you know how much it costs per month?

  3. Anonymous says:

    You address some good points, but I think your attitude is terrible. You should read Hold on to Your Kids, Protecting the Gift and possibly Paranoid Parenting. Seriously.

  4. Thomas Hawk says:

    Network Car doesn’t have a monthly fee. I think it was something like $800 to install the service and for five years worth of service when I signed up for it originally.

    Well worth the price for the peace of mind of being able to track your family in the event of an abduction or to recover your car if it’s stolen.

  5. Joe Wilcox says:

    Excellent response to my post, Thomas. I had to wait until today to read, and it was tough waiting. I wanted to complete my follow-up post without any outside influence, keep my own ideas in focus. What’s great is we took very different tacks. I like the points that you made for parents and society.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You are the first blogger I’ve seen comment on that very important Times article (Romenesko quoted a reader asking if it was ethical for the Times reporter to encourage the kid to go to the authorities – my answer is yes).

    I agree 100% with you on being aware of your kids online activities, including keystrokes and cars. Monitoring doesn’t have to be stifling. Where I differ is in what society should do about this. I think there is an interesting dichotomy in our culture that is overly frightened of sex-offenders, while breeding new ones with rampant pornography.

    I can already here the howls that I am mixing 2 different things together. When I see an explosion of pornography that features middle aged or older adults, rather than young waifs of indeterminate age, I’ll agree that it’s a harmless adult pursuit.

  7. Fighter says:

    I completely agree things are out of control with those that prey on children.

    But I am also distrubed by the lack of attention being given to the sexual predators and con men who prey on ADULTS!!

    Check my blog sometime, to that end: