TV News in a Postmodern World, Terry Heaton Hits the Nail on the Head

TV News in a Postmodern World, Part LI: 28 year television management veteran Terry Heaton is out with a piece on the year ahead for the broadcasting industry. The article is written to broadcasters and in some respects is the continuation of the wake up call they’ve been recieving for a while now:

“But the biggest problem for broadcasters is their crumbling core competency and the shrinking value propositions they offer to both viewers and advertisers. The natural ability of the Internet to distribute unbundled media is disrupting broadcasting’s basic business, and that will accelerate in 2006. Most broadcast companies have responded to the disruption by forcing their mass marketing value propositions into the situation (it’s what they know), but most are finding that such a response — while creating some revenue opportunities — doesn’t produce the kind of scale necessary to make up for the kinds of losses to their core business that they’re facing.”

“I believe history will look back at 2006 as the year of an unbundled awakening in the media world, ushering in an era of creativity the likes of which we’ve not witnessed in recent history, especially in the advertising community. Unbundled media is clearly what people want, and when that kind of energy bubbles up from the bottom, media companies of all sorts have no choice but to respond. This is currently happening in the worlds of entertainment, education and information and one day will be realized in every institution of our culture.”

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