TiVo Green Screen of Death

Tivo Green Screen of Death
Originally uploaded by mdoeff.

Well I can’t say I’ve ever seen the TiVo green screen of death before (which I suppose is a really good thing and speaks to the stability of their system as I’ve been using it for five years), but here it is for the rest of you who’ve never seen it.

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  1. Carl says:

    That’s usually a sign of a dying hard drive. The process generally works like this: The drive starts to die and some files get corrupted. You get the GSOD, it connects to TiVo and fixes the files. Then your drive finishes dying a few days later. That’s been my experience anyway.

  2. Mike D says:

    If anyone’s wondering how this turned out, my Tivo recovered after 3-4 hours. I’ve seen some reports out there that the green screen of detah is a sign of a dying hard drive but so far I haven’t seen that yet (knock on wood).