The French to Legalize File Sharing? Vive Le Revolution!

Zanesville – Southeastern Ohio’s News and Community Resource : WHIZ-TV/DT, WHIZ-FM, WHIZ-AM Apparently a French government attempt to crack down on digital piracy, including fines of up to $360,000 and up to three years in jail, has backfired big time with France’s lower house voting instead to offer up ammendments that would legalize file-sharing by anyone paying a monthly royalty duty estimated at $8.50 per month.

“The proposed royalties duty amounts to a “Sovietization” of the arts, said Bernard Miyet, president of the French music composers’ and publishers’ organization SACEM.

“You’re talking about an administered price, set by a commission without regard to the music and film economy,” Miyet said.

But UFC-Que Choisir, France’s largest consumer group, said the plan would create a “new area of freedom allowing Internet users access to cultural diversity and fair payment for creators.””

Wow. What a brilliant idea. It seems to me that setting up a government fund to pay artists and then letting us trade to our hearts content makes all the sense in the world. Thank God for the wacky French!

“The final lower-house vote is not expected until after Jan. 17, when deputies return from their winter break. The bill requires only one further vote in the Senate to become law, under the emergency procedure invoked by the government to comply with a 2001 European Union directive on digital piracy.”

Thanks, HorsePigCow!

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