Ten Things David Carnoy Hates About the Xbox 360

Ten things I hate about the Xbox 360 – Fully Equipped – CNET reviews This is currently the number one story on Digg today. Pretty lame top ten list if you ask me. Carnoy doesn’t like the color of the box? Sheesh. Not a big enough hard drive? Give me a break, if you use it as an Media Center extender you have unlimited storage available (to the extent that you add external hard drives) to stream your media. No built in card reader? I’ve got built in card readers on my Media Center PC and I’ve NEVER used them once. Who uses card readers anymore when you can just connect whatever device you use to your PC or XBox via USB. It just damages your cards to take them in and out all the time.

Carnoy wrote something that was sure to get attention because it was controversial, but I don’t really see the flaws that he does as being that big of a deal. Except for maybeeeee….

#10 you can’t get it. Fair enough. After calling around on day one and finding them all sold out I’ve got my email in at Amazon to be notified when one’s for sale. I haven’t heard a peep from those guys.

Still, I wouldn’t consider this a flaw in the product and suspect we will be able to buy as many as we want early next year.

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  1. Paul Taylor says:

    No HDMI or DVI connection is for me a real killer. How can MS market ‘HDTV’ with a component connection? OK, so 720p over component is defined as hidef – but its hardly forward looking on Microsoft’s part?

    You’re right about the other nine points though!

    Keep up the good work with your blog.


  2. Stephen says:

    He should have used the alternate title:

    Three things that I wish were different on the 360 (and 7 filler ones to make a top 10).