Spitzer Goes After the “Greedy” Record Labels

Warner, two others, subpoenaed in NY probe of music industry – Dec. 26, 2005: “Three major music labels have been subpoenaed by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in connection with an ongoing antitrust investigation into the pricing of digital music downloads, according to news reports.”

Well it looks like as soon as the record labels want to jack up the price on your iTunes, Spitzer turns up the heat.

Already pissed over the caniballization of their more profitable CD sales to music downloads and green with envy over the big bucks that Apple has been making for every iPod sold off of the sweat of their, er their artist’s, hard work, now the New York Attorney General may be investigating collusion on the part of digital download pricing by the major labels.

“Music industry sources said the current probe appeared to center on whether the Big Four music studios — Warner (Research), Sony Corp.’s (Research) Sony BMG Music Entertainment, EMI Group (up $0.09 to $13.72, Research) and Vivendi’s Universal Music — colluded to set wholesale pricing for song downloads.

The investigation also could be related to the studios’ upcoming licensing renegotiations with Apple, maker of the wildly popular iPod digital music player, for its iTunes music store, the sources said.”

Score one for the good guys.

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