PVR Wire interviews Aaron DeYonker, Media Center Edition Project Manager

PVR Wire interviews Aaron DeYonker, Media Center Edition project manager – PVR Wire PVRWire interviews Media Center Program Manager Aaron DeYonker. You may remember Aaron as the Microsoft “bring it on” guy when rumors about Apple developing a PVR surfaced recently.

DeYonker: “When Front Row came out, it added validation to Media Center Edition and to the design principles the eHome team strives to adhere to, which are consumer oriented: simple design, ease-of-use, and a ‘wow’ factor. Apple follows these principles very well, and the consumer is the one who will win if we try to outsmart each other. Apple really helps enforce the importance of clean, yet powerful design. Many factors can work against that principle in the tech world, and now we’ll have a partner in this space to measure ourselves against and make sure we’re still focused.”

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The big question still on everyone’s mind of course is will Apple announce a PVR at MacWorld on January 9th?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s possible, perhaps even likely that Apple will announce a media center computer for the livng room… perhaps a beefed up and rebranded Mac mini. I don’t think it’s likely we’ll see anything containing analog television tuners though.

    Time shifting is nice, but a content-on-demand system is where Apple will make it’s money. For the time being, Apple is content to sell content through iTunes – music, television shows, and movies (coming in January).

    -Dave Zatz