PriceRitePhoto Update #20, Is Chaim Pikarski the Real Owner of PriceRitePhoto?

Well in addition to the PriceRitePhoto story being picked up by the New York Post today, I received a bit more information in one of my comments. Since the beginning of my problems with PriceRitePhoto I’ve suspected that PriceRitePhoto’s purported owner “Ed Lopez” was a fictional name. It seemed to me unusual that PriceRitePhoto had an individual by the name of Eduardo Lopez register their domain name while another camera store linked to them TheCameraMall had an Eduardo Sanchez register their domain name. According the the New York Post: “a call to PriceRitePhoto produced no Ed Lopez, and further calls and an e-mail went unanswered.”

Today I received the following comment on my blog: “By the way, the owner’s name is not Ed Lopez. His name is Chaim Pikarski. I know it because I worked for him in the past. His tactics do not surprise me, and all he is trying to do is hide his true identity through the alias of Ed Lopez. Actually, I would be very surprised if you ever spoke to the owner. It was most likely just an employee that provided you a fictitious name and is probably just a manager.”

Turns out upon doing a Google search for “Chaim Pikarski” one of the results back is a directory for the Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corp. They have Chaim Pikarski listed at the following address: 140 58th St., Unit 4E, BX 37 in Brooklyn and a phone number of (718) 491-4300. Interestingly enough, one of the addresses that comes up under Don Wiss’ excellent series of Brooklyn Camera Store Storefronts for CP Industries, dba TheCameraMall is the same address in Brooklyn, 140 58th St. Also, if you do a Google search for the phone number 718-491-4300 you can find an old cached page listing that phone number as a number for The Camera Zone, another company which has been identified by Wiss as being under the same management as TheCameraMall.

This site , Digital Paradise (The Digital Paradise is an automated electronic marketplace designed to streamline the purchasing and selling processes of games & electronics for the gaming community) also lists the exact same phone number and address for The Camera Zone as is listed for Pikarski in the Googled Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corp.

Now this is in no way conclusive evidence that Chaim Pikarski is the true individual behind TheCameraMall and PriceRitePhoto, but I would be interested if anyone else had any information on Chaim Pikarski and/or information regarding his involvement in these businesses.

Also to note, and I’m not sure why, the Better Business Bureau of New York has pulled down some of the information regarding PriceRitePhoto from their website. The report where PriceRitePhoto was previously named by them is “being updated,” and the following message is on the site: “The Bureau’s report on this business is currently being updated, and no report is available at this time. Please check this site in approximately four to six weeks.”

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  1. LeggNet says:

    It seems that if you spell his name differently (Chaim Piekarski) in Google you will get results that link to some 2001 forum comments about the same stuff Thomas went through with these guys.

    Keep up the hunt!

    Cheers, Rich

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good detective work Thomas and others. There are some interesting entries on the page about The Film Shop:
    One reviewer talks about The Film Shop, The Camera Mall and other online stores all being run by the same company: CP Industries, run by Chaim Piekarski. Another entry on this same page is by someone with the username “Chaim,” who claims to be a “representative of the Camera Zone, The Camera Mall, The Photo Specialists, and The Film Shop.”

    There have been lots of twists and turns since Thomas first posted about priceritephoto, and a host of aliases have been presented. Are we close to finding out who the real owner of priceritephoto is? Could be. Keep digging for clues; the truth is out there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The RIAA can track down a mother of 5 children but, our government agencys can’t track down a thief like this?

  4. Anonymous says:

    With all these addresses floating around, it’s almost looking like Mr. Pikarski might need to be the one that should be watching his back…

  5. Anonymous says:

    PriceRitePhoto is also listed under that name on at the following location…

    There, another 39 names are listed by one reviewer, and their overall rating is probably higher than it should be. Nevertheless, the list of aliases is good to have handy.

    Good luck,


  6. silas jones says:

    in regards to the comment about our government and the riaa and such…

    frankly, i feel that the government doesn’t give a shit. they’re too busy spying on peaceful anti-war rallies….

  7. Anonymous says:

    It seems to me that this guys activities are very suspicious. Like he is trying to hide his identity. Surely only a terrorist would need to hide their identity in this way.

    Now having said that, I’m sure the FEDs will have him in Guantanamo Bay pretty quick… no questions, no DA, just a problem gone…..


  8. Anonymous says:

    Nah, the feds probably wont touch him, he probably gave money to the Republicans – that’s where all the sleazy slimy people are!

  9. dlaw525 says:

    I too was scammed by The Camera Mall. I’m trying to get my $500 back for a digital camera I bought to help my partner start her artist portfolio.

    Did anyone lose money to this company or should I say fake company? I will help in any way I can if anyone wants to go after this company. I don’t want other to people to be scammed like I was.

  10. Anonymous says:

    they are open again under the name barclays photo;=barclaysphoto

    chaim pikarski refuses to stop stealing we must put a stop to it .

  11. Anonymous says:

    BTW, you link “report where PriceRitePhoto was previously named” has been hijacked and pretty much sends anyone to the scam stores.

  12. […] I think Wiss has done us all a favor by showing us the actual storefronts of many of the Brooklyn businesses doing business online, and he’s right, he makes no judgement as to the credibility of any of these operators. Recently through Wiss’ site I found evidence that might suggest the real owner of PriceRitePhoto is an individual by the name of Chaim Pikarski. […]