One Terabyte HDTV TiVo from

DIRECTV HR10-250 HR10250 High Definition DVR Upgraded to 870 Hours – While I probably wouldn’t advise anyone to buy the HR10-250 right now as DirecTV is converting their HDTV to mpeg 4 and the future still seems to be up in the air for this unit, it still is pretty cool that through Weaknees (the hacking TiVo specialists) you can buy a full one terabyte unit. One terabyte PVR — I like the sound of that.

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  1. I think that I need at least 100 hours of HD, so 750 gigs might work in my case. I would still like to be able to burn to DVD though. The ability to archive shows in HD-DVD would be amazing. Too bad the studios will never allow it.