Is Windows Vista Too Protective?

Ed Bott’s Windows Expertise — Is Windows Vista too protective?: Ed Bott asks the question is Windows Vista too protective? Although the software is still in beta and it might not be fair to criticize unfinished software, I will add my echo to Ed’s concerns about the dialog boxes that pop up seemingly non-stop in the Window’s Vista beta.

It seems every other thing that you do gets you some kind of permission dialog box popping up. The problem? The overkill of the warnings may actually decrease your computer’s security. When you get in the habit of automatically just clicking ok to every single warning, when a real important one shows up you’re probably just going to check ok as well.

Perhaps most annoying of all is when trusted applications want to do things and require your permission over and over and over again. Personally I think Microsoft should allow you to permanently approve an application for exemption from warnings. For instance. On the machine that I installed Vista on it would over and over and over again warn me that Microsoft’s own anti spyware program needed permissions to do things. It got so annoying that I finally just uninstalled the program (not a good thing). I should be able to tell my system that hey, if Microsoft’s AntiSpyware wants to do anything, automatically skip the dialog box and just do it.

Hopefully the barrage of annoying dialog boxes will be fixed in later builds.

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