Hollywood Reporter Profiles Amoeba Records

Amoeba still keeping indie stockings stuffed: “Pearson isn’t a clerk at Amoeba: She co-owns the mammoth 38,000-square-foot record store, and two enormous shops in San Francisco and Berkeley, Calif., with partners Marc Weinstein and Dave Prinz. But in times such as these in the music biz, even the savviest retailer must take a hands-on approach to the game.”

The Hollywood Reporter does a profile piece on Amoeba Records, the greatest used CD record store in the world. I have been buying my music at Amoeba for years. They have the widest selection of any record store in the world and lots of great out of print rare finds in their used CD bins. They also have pricing on used CDs that are less than buying DRM laden tracks online and a music collector friendly innovative insurance policy.

Although I’m sure there is nothing the RIAA would love to shut down more than the resale of used CDs (something you can’t do with a track when you buy it online) I find their stores to be a refreshing oasis in the land of the obsessive music collector.

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