HDBeat Says that 802.11a Much Better for Streaming HDTV to Your XBox 360

HDTV over WiFi: 802.11a helps – HD Beat: HDBeat was out previously with an article saying that they were less than impressed with their ability to stream HDTV from their Media Center PC to their new XBox 360 Extender using the default shipped 802.11b. They now have installed an 802.11a wireless router though and say it works much better. Nice to know that this is an option but I’m still going with ethernet when I finally get mine.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    802.11b isn’t good for file transfers since it’s rated at 11 mbit but is way less than that with protocol overhead. You can barely stream SD MPEG-2 streams with .11b.

    I’m surprised that .11g wasn’t chosen since .11a products have all but dropped off the radar.

    The only issues with higher speed wireless protocols is that the data rates drop off quickly as the distance between the router and receiver increase. It’s always better to run a cable to your media center and get 100 mbit.