File-Sharing Winners and Losers of 2005

Slyck News – File-Sharing Winners and Losers of 2005 Winners: BitTorrent, Apple, LimeWire, Open Source P2P, ThePirateBay. Losers: RIAA, Sony-BMG, Sharman Networks, Pay P2P.

“But what good is a Supreme Court victory if you can’t enforce it? January 2005 began with 8.4 million calculable P2P users. By June, this number had grown to 8.9 million. Today, it resides at 9.4 million users (without including BitTorrent users), with no slowdown in sight.

It’s become apparent the RIAA’s lawsuits, whether against individuals or file-sharing developers, are having the exact opposite effect on the exchange of information. Adding to the RIAA’s woes, the authorized digital music market is showing signs that it is not the silver bullet the record labels hoped it would be. Indeed, music sales have stagnated going into the fourth quarter of 2005.”

And an open letter to the RIAA.

And RIAA to the Russians: stop or we’ll ask you to stop again.

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