DirecTV continues to struggle with generic DVR

By Davis Freeberg

It looks like DirecTV is still having some difficulties integrating their DVR into their satellite service. It’s a little surprising to see that they are having this much trouble given that this isn’t even their HDTV box. According to Gartner analyst Van Baker, the satellite company has been plagued with usuability problems and they’ve already been forced to issue two software updates to their service.

What I found so amazing about this article is that DirecTV is in complete denial about their problems. According to the article there have been “dozens of consumer complaints to the company and on Internet sites about sluggish and occasionally idiosyncratic performance.” These complaints range from the back button not always working properly to the time warp feature not being included in the product. According to DirecTV Chief Technology Officer Romulo Pontual, “Some people want it to stop where they press and not try to read their minds, It’s a choice”

If it’s really a “choice” then why not let consumers decide if they want the feature or not. I think that it’s really a choice by DirecTV not to pay royalties to TiVo for the time warp patent. Rather then being honest about why the feature is not included in their DVR, they are instead trying to spin this like they are doing a service to their DVR users.

In the article, they also talk about DirecTV not always recording programs. While DirecTV denied that they’ve seen that problem, one quick way to lose subscribers is to not record programs. If this is in fact an issue with the R15 DirecTV Plus DVR, then they need to resolve this very quickly.

My favorite quote by Pontual had to be “If you’re new to DVRs, you’ll love this product” Does this mean that Pontual believes that if you’ve used TiVo or Media Center in the past, that you won’t enjoy the product? All in all, I think USA Today could have asked some much tougher questions for Pontual. Instead of producing a fluff piece and allowing Pontual to slide by, I would have drilled him on questions about their false advertising settlement, the constant delays to introducing their new product and the reported bad blood between Rupert Murdoch and TiVo. Given that they are only paying TiVo $1 per month per subscriber, I continue to question the wisdom of producing an inferior box for their subscribers.

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  1. tidejwe says:

    That’s funny. I work Cust service for DTV and haven’t heard of this yet. Nobody has complained probably because the issue is fixed during the first software update that’s installed the moment you turn the system on, even before it’s activated. This is the same thing the TIVO sets do, and the normal recievers now too.

    The only negative feedback I’ve heard so far is that some guy couldn’t figure out how to turn off the “Suggestions” Feature that auto-records what it thinks you MIGHT like. We checked with several other people, and nobody could figure that out. Other than that, most people seem to like the new DVR TONS more than the TIVO sets. The “Software updates” issue doesn’t mean anything. Our TIVO sets do software updates all the time too, and the latest software update for the DTV DVR was for “CallerID” not recording problems.

    The article mentioned there have been “dozens” of complaints on the internet. What a joke. #1 it’s the internet which we know is so trustworthy. how do we know it’s not some disgruntled TIVO people trying to get back at DTV for dropping them for the new service. After all, DTV had 1/3 of all TIVO customers and suddenly they dropped TIVO. If I was TIVO I’d be pretty mad at losing 1/3 of my income and do what I could for revenge, including get people to make exagerated articles about the new replacement being “inferior”.

    Personally, these DVR’s are WAY superior to TIVO, have AWESOME features, and so far have not had any problems with anyone. I’ve only had compliments for it, and working for customer service. . . believe me, if there were problems with it people would be screaming to us about them. So far every customer I know says how much they like them better and wish they could replace all their TIVO’s with the new ones. I think this article is full of crap and the complaints are disgruntled TIVO revenge attempts. I have not found anything wrong with the ones I’ve played with. They’re superior in every way so far. Good riddence to Tivo. . . they wouldn’t let DTV change the software to add the new features we wanted so DTV dropped them. Personally that makes me happier with DTV. Tivo wanted to keep the systems with less functionality and wouldn’t work with us on cool software upgrades, so we dropped them and hired someone who will do what we want and let us add cool new features to entice new customers.

  2. harry says:

    happy christmas!

  3. Sorry but I have to call Bullshit

    “So far every customer I know says how much they like them better and wish they could replace all their TIVO’s with the new ones.”

    Given the remarkably low churn rate that TiVo has enjoyed, it seems suspicious to me that customers would be calling up wishing that the could replace their TIVO’s with an untested generic DVR product.

    Furthermore, if you read the USA Today article, your own CTO (if you work for DTV) admits that “Some things are not as intuitive as we thought, and we’re polishing it”

    I would also argue that it is DTV that is preventing the AWESOME features from being added not TiVo. Stand alone customers have enjoyed tremendously from TiVo’s continued innovations. Things like home media, flickr and webcast plugins, and a whole suite of services that DTV has refused to allowed. Are you trying to tell me that TiVo refused to build in caller ID and so DTV dropped them? I don’t think so.

    It has more to do with DTV being a power hungry control freak that couldn’t stand a small little startup embarassing them by continuing to innovate when you failed to do so. The only thing that makes me even believe that you MIGHT work for DTV is the irrationality of your comment. If these DVR’s are “WAY superior to TIVO, have AWESOME features, and so far have not had ANY problems with anyone, then why is USA Today reporting on this and why is your own CTO taking the time to try and spin these problems instead of flat out denying them.

    Now it may be that you haven’t had a lot of complaints about the boxes mainly because people who have never used a PVR before probably think that it is a great product, but if you are trying to tell me that TiVo customers are calling up “wishing” they could replace their TiVo’s, then I have to be more then a bit skeptical.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So glad I ran across this thread. I’m a relatively new DTV customer and was eager to get the new DTV dvr. I had Dish Network with Tivo for many years. Then switched to cable and Tivo and 2 months ago to DTV. The problems started immediately with the DTV r10..random picture freezes and pixelation with everything I recorded. And NO, the weather had nothing to do with it. Complained and got a Samsung/Tivo dvr to replace the “free” DTV r10 I got when I signed up. Seems to work okay periodic freezes are much fewer and much shorter in duration).

    I was anxious to get the r15 as it offered 100, rather than 70 hours of recorded time and caller i.d. Now I think I’ll wait.

    I will say this though I had a standalone Tivo unit for years and years…I only replaced one when I got rid of my landline phone. NO problems EVER with either stand lone TIVO unit. I’m not a rocket scientist but, logic would seem to indicate the problem is DTV

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have the new DVR, and it’s already been replaced once because it did not record the shows we had set up to record. Guess what….the new one has the same problem. Having had dishnetwork for the last three years with their DVR I can tell you I liked that one way better than the new DirecTV DVR. Also, in reference to the above post hailing the virtues of the new DVR, it does not have a “Suggestions” feature, that’s a TIVO feature, so don’t believe a word you read there. DirecTV definetely has problems with their DVR, I just hope they get the software bugs worked out, I really don’t want to have to switch services again.

  6. Anonymous says:

    There is no way you’re not getting complaints of you work for DTV customer service. I called today because I was horribly disappointed with the new units I had installed. I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to pitch a fit and fight to return this and get out of my new commitment or not(considering they left “tivo” in their internet address and title even if it’s not mentioned in the article, I think I have a shot–I had no idea I’d be getting such a clunky interface with my new dvrs.). These new units are crap, and I can’t believe Directv gave up its relationship with Tivo for this.

  7. Salem says:

    We just called in an order to Direct Tv for an R15 that we saw advertised. Big mistake ! Nothing but problems. I called and was told by DTV that there was going to be a software upgrade on 3-21-06. I said fine and the upgrade did take place. I confirmed that the R15 had accepted the upgrade however, it created more problems. After going through the shut down and start up like you would with a regular computer, the problems were still there. DTV said that they would send me a new R15 and that should take care of it. About 3 days later, I received a R10. I called and asked why the R10 and was told that if I order from Direct TV, I have to take whatever they send me as they have no idea what they have in stock. I was then told that if I want to make sure that I receive what I want, I need to make the purchase at Best Buy or Circuit City. At this point I started going off. I said that no where in the TV ad did my wife or I see anything about having to buy from the before mentioned retailers. Nor did the customer service person at DTV tell us when we called in the order that we needed to go elsewhere. I was then transferred to someone else in the tech support and install dept. only to be told the same thing. My contention was that if they know what our billing status is or are able to pull up information on previous situations, then I find it hard to believe that they have no clue what they have in stock. They told me that all they are obligated to do, is to send out a DVR and not necessarily what the customer wants. Here’s the kicker. I hooked up the R10 and had them activate it Monday. A lousy two days later, I’m having problems with the R10 freezing up when viewing something on the list. I went on line to see what people had to say about the R10 and it looks like the R10 is just as bad as the R15. I don’t remember having any problems with the Hughes except for the fact that it only had 35 hours of recording time.
    Anyone that tries to deny that Direct Tv has problems is not being honest.

  8. kellyjam says:

    I have been a Directv customer for a few years. I had a 30 hour Diect/Tivo receiver which I loved however I wanted more room. Direct told me they no longer offered Tivo but had their own. I was a little skeptical as my friend had a Dish DVR which is greatly inferior to my Tivo. Directv assured me that I would love their new DVR.

    Big mistake. I hate it. It is just like the Dish one. First the remote is laid out all wrong. The pause button is a little button at the top of the remote that is difficult to get to. This is the button that DVR people use the most. On my Tivo remote it is the largest button on the remote and you press the same button to stop and restart.

    It also decides when it wants to record and when it doesn’t. I had a season pass to Deal or no Deal and it just stopped recording episodes on its own. When I go in to check it it says it is set to record but then it doesn’t do it. I then went in and tried to manually record an episode from 8 to 9pm on Monday but it wouldn’t allow me because I have 24 scheduled to record from 9 to 10pm.
    Its telling me the recording for Deal will be from 8 to 9:01 even though the settings say it will start on time and end on time.

    I am calling Directv tommorow to see if I can exchange this for a Tivo one since they renewed their contract with Tivo.

  9. Anonymous says:

    We just switched to DirectTV 2 months ago so I could get a DVR. In that time we have had to replace the DVR because it will stop playing a recorded show 8 minutes into it. The picture goes out first and the sound goes out 10 seconds after that.I have tried to rewind but it doesnt work. I can hit the button that takes the show all the way to the end but it stops there. Wont go forward or backwards. They sent us a new DVR 2 weeks ago and the same problem happened again. Wish I had stuck with Dish Network now without the DVR.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The new R15 is horrible. I would drop Directtv service right now if I could.
    Avoid it at all costs.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s obvious that that the calls Tidejwe receives from customers are filtered. I’ve call DirecTV on numerous occasions to complain about my non-functioning DVR’s. That is correct – DVR’s — as in plural. I have been a DirecTV customer for only eight months and within a few days will be receiving my third R15 DVR. My first DVR worked fine for the first couple of months but shortly afterwards not only would it not record, it would also remain stuck on channels. Soon afterwards I received a replacement DVR that worked for approximately one day. I am now waiting for my third DVR. After speaking to a number of customer service and technical support representatives regarding my non-functioning DVR, last month I was finally informed by a technician that DirecTV was experiencing major problems with the DVR but hoped to correct the problem via a software upgrade. Unfortunately, as I was later informed, the upgrade did not correct the problem with all DVR’s.
    Until this past December I was a seven year customer of Dish Network but decided to jump ship because I was moving to a new location and I thought the line-up that DirecTV offered suited my needs. During my seven year stay with Dish Network I owned a DVR for at least four years with no problems at all. With all of the problems I’ve experienced over the last eight months, I starting to question why I switched.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It’s obvious that the calls Tidejwe receives from customers are filtered. I’ve call DirecTV on numerous occasions to complain about my non-functioning DVR’s. That is correct – DVR’s — as in plural. I have been a DirecTV customer for only eight months and within a few days will be receiving my third R15 DVR. My first DVR worked fine for the first couple of months but shortly afterwards not only would it not record, it would also remain stuck on channels. Soon afterwards I received a replacement DVR that worked for approximately one day. I am now waiting for my third DVR. After speaking to a number of customer service and technical support representatives regarding my non-functioning DVR, last month I was finally informed by a technician that DirecTV was experiencing major problems with the DVR but hoped to correct the problem via a software upgrade. Unfortunately, as I was later informed, the upgrade did not correct the problem with all DVR’s.
    Until this past December I was a seven year customer of Dish Network but decided to jump ship because I was moving to a new location and I thought the line-up that DirecTV offered suited my needs. During my seven year stay with Dish Network I owned a DVR for at least four years with no problems at all. With all of the problems I’ve experienced over the last eight months, I starting to question why I switched.

  13. Greer Trice says:

    My word, the DirecTV guy must work for product marketing or something? I had a R-10, which was BAD! First, the HDD started going within the first three months. It would have recording problems and then the picture would get a green or amber cast. I called, num,erous times. They told me I had purchased it from a third party and they were not responsible. So, then the modem wasn’t working giving that hideous “Haven’t made a daily call” screen. I called again, and discovered they were charging me for a reciever that I did not have. For fifteen months they were charging me for a receiver I did not have, and was never activated. OK. They claim to have fixed that, and magically in March 2006 their policy changed and now they would replace the defective hardware with TiVO. They said I might get a newer box, the DVR, because they may be out of refurb TiVo’s. I asked if this would cost me anything, or if I had to have a committment, since I did not at that point and own my hardware. . .They assured me that not only would it cost me nothing, they would cover the shipping, but there would be no change to my account. Until today, 10/4/2006 when I received a letter from them dated 9/18/2006 saying “Thank you for choosing DirecTV and accepting our hardware lease or purchase offer for current customers”. What? I called and they explained that since they replaced my TiVo with their DVR (which sucks by the way, I have experienced ALL the issues listed above in the past few weeks) that I have a lease, and a two year committment. Aha! This is very similar if not the same as the issue that resulted in DirecTV being found guilty of deceptive practices in Montana last year. Unbelievable, but not really. It is all about getting away with everything possible at all times. Custoemr service is non-existent.

    That is my $0.02.

  14. Wells-JnS says:

    I have had the R-15 since October 5th, I am on my fifth one as of today with no improvements.. It pixelates, freezes, doesn’t go to correct channel and resets itself. I have Tivo through them, (Direct TV), also and since 2002 have not had a problem with it.. This is a nightmare.. I forgot to mention all 5 units would not upgrade to the latest software updates.. I think some work has to be done on the part of Direct TV, as for tidejwe, I have a paper trail and have called 22 times with complaints about the R-15 .

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have a DirecTIVO downstairs
    and a Directv DVR upstairs so I use both of them all the time. The DirectTIVO is WAY better in everyway. It is way easier to use.
    The Directv DVR is painfully slower. I just hate it. If/when DirecTV stops supporting DirectTIVO or mine stops working, I will switch to cable TV and get a TIVO box. There is no question about that.

  16. Anonymous says:

    We are a current DirecTV customer. On August 2, 2006 we agreed to a two year contract (verbally, valued at $2400.00) in exchange for a $99 DVR. DirecTV has sent us three non-working DVRs in a row. Their customer service group acknowledges there are problems with the DVR. One of their supervisors told me her unit at home does not work. They want us to return the defective DVRs but will not release us from the verbal commitment to two additional years, even though they have not fulfilled their side of the contract by providing a working DVR. They have offered to refund the $99 paid for the DVR but will not cancel the contract. This is deceptive and unfair. We want the contract cancelled and our $99 refunded.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The new DVR SUCKS! I have a tivo that had a hard drive failure and one that did not. I received a “New” dvr. It records friends just because it wants to. I tried to remove it, no go. It records all eposides of all programs that I only wanted 1st run only.

    Crap Crap Crap and I like DirecTV! but this thing sucks. also it appears that I get more “severe weather” issues than I ever have in the past 3 years. Uh yeah regular rain is not severe!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I too recently switched from my old DirecTV Tivo Series 2 set to a “new and improved DVR by DirecTV”. I bought a house, cancelled my service and got the new DVR as part of a promotion to get new service at the new address. 1 friggin’ week with this paperweight and I was fighting with customer service to get my $$ back. I ended up losing my $99 bucks (DVR is going back this week) and having to fight not to pay $20 for a new access card so that my “old” Tivo Series2 would work on the new account.

    The DVR had a horrible remote, an extremely unfriendly ‘season pass’ (they call it something lame) manager and overall was a cheap imitation of the Tivo. When I called to b*tch, the customer service rep mentioned that my complaints were common and many were switching back to the old Tivo units.

    Hey directv, pull your head out and figure out how to lower my bill….leave the technology to the original developer!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I too had a Series 2 Tivo DVR, Samsung SIR-S4040R, and the hard drive failed. I have another exact unit that when the hard drive failed I purchased a replacement, larger capacity, drive from eBay and installed it myself to get that unit working and upgraded. This time I decided that since DirecTV would replace my failed unit with a one of their DirecTV DVRs for a shipping and hadling fee of $20 I would go that route since replacing the hard drive would cost me at least $100. This was a bad idea. Nothing but problems with the new R15 unit, not to mention having to learn a whole new menu system and remote. This unit is in the bedroom and it the one my wife uses most of the time. She hates it, so therefore I have to hear about it all the time. I have tried to work with customer service and have not been able to resolve the issue I have with it. The main issue is that some programs don’t record when scheduled and if a show comes on 2 different channels I cannot get both channels set to record on a season pass or “Series Link” as it is called now.

    I have ordered a replacement drive for my Series 2 TiVo DVR and will put it back online once I have it working again. Sending the R15 unit back and never want to see it again. DIRECTV has mad a big mistake with these new units. Classic example of trying to fix something that isn’t broke.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Same here – ongoing problems with the Direct TV DVR. Loved my Direct TV Tivo DVR which I now have in another room. Just spent an hour talking to 4 people in customer service to get a new one. Now doesn’t sound like that will help. Someone said they just signed a new contract with TIVO? Is that true? Will we be saved by TIVO?

  21. Anonymous says:

    This whole thing is a mess, Most peoples tivo based dvrs aren’t working with the new service, or lack of to be more accurate. Check around their own site, a lot of unhappy customers, they are not fixing anything it’s actually getting worse. They are misleading their customers to buy the new defective equipment and another contract. If your lucky to get someone that actually admits there is a problem they just have you reset it all the time. It’s quite a scam they are running, oh and once your under contract they aren’t nice anymore. Not like the old directv at all. I just want to get out of my contract at this point, without paying into the scam. After over 9 years, there is no excuse for the way they are treating any of their customers now. I wouldn’t stay for anything at this point. They are pretending they don’t know whats going on, I’ve even talked to the same CSRs on occasion more than once and they don’t even admit that I’ve called in before. They don’t even try to hide that they are lying anymore they just make up new ones.
    Oh and you’ve got some serious bullshitters on here….so I’ll be movin on, I believe it was tivo that dropped directv by the way, they have a problem paying their bills, always have.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had Directv for about 6 years now and absolutely loved the service. I just recently (about 4 months ago) added a DVR from Directv. What a HUGE mistake. I’ve had to make about 10 calls so far to Directv because of problems.

    The picture freezes constantly (can’t change channels or even perform other functions). I’ve even had a replacement DVR. On top of that, they have me do the unplug and replug or “reformat hard drive” stuff. That works fine for about 8-12 hours, then we are back to the same old problem.

    As I write this, I am again on hold with their “advanced tech support” for yet another call. I just want Tivo and want to just get rid of this damn thing.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I am on my third receiver and just today called for my fourth. I’ve had the third one less than one week and they seem to think the problem happpened during transport!? The box it came in shows NO dents, it’s just a crappy receiver. So, now we’ll see how the fourth one works. I’ve had the same problems with all the receivers. Anything you record and try to watch later either freezes and shuts the unit off, or the whole systems shuts off and you have to manually reset it, but this time, when their tech dept. tried to reformat the hard drive, it froze and I can’t even watch that TV until the new receiver comes in. And guess what they offered me for my trouble… $10 off HBO for the next 6 months. Gee, Thanks.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am a tech for DTV, and I will tell you all,, we have more service calls on the R15’s and HR20’s than any other reciever out there. I personally have an R15 that has been replaced twice in the first month because of the recording issue, (not recording when it is supposed to” and not playing what it has recorded) In my oppinion they are junk. I tell all my customers that when they upgrade to the DVR also.

  25. Anonymous says:

    The horrifying thing about this thread is that is at least a year old. This is the end of January 2007 and I concur with everyone on the terrible quality of the Direct TV DVR in comparison with the most wonderful and innovative product of the past few years: TIVO, which I have used since its begining. A few month ago my TIVO failed and DTV changed it for a shipping fee. It lasted two months and failed again. That is when I was slammed into getting their own DVR. Terrible mistake! This is not only a piece of junk, unintuitive, poorly done, never seen by any user interface specialists (unless they are cattering to other countries), but it is an insult to any intelligent person and a commercial steal to butt. I thought, well, I am used to TIVO, give it a few days to learn the tricks. They must do everything TIVO does, but of course they cannot copy the patented stuff. Since it is a large powerful company and they want to compete in this area, probably they have done it better, I just have to learn the new tricks. Well, several months have passed and I have come to the conclusion that none of this is true, and this thread confirms the obvious.

  26. slevine says:

    Sorry, CSR for DTV… Today is 2/4/2007, I just had the R-15 300 installed by DTV and just one day in… on Superbowl Sunday, no less… the thing is malfunctioning like Robot on Lost in Space. Select play on the Superbowl… get the other tuner. Start playing Heroes, change channel, go back to list, select Superbowl, select play, get Heroes. WTF??? That is not ANYTHING that TiVo has done. This thing is an absolute programmatic piece of crap and DTV needs another release.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I bought two R15’s from Wal-Mart to replace two old standard boxes. When I went to activate them I was informed even though I payed $200 dollars for them both I did not own them, and that I was automatically signing a 2 year agreement. Whats up with this. I thought when you pay for something it is yours? On top of that one of them is giving me nothing but trouble.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Directv Dvr SUCKS !!!!!!!! I hate the new Dvr’s. They are slow, and half the time do not record my shows.Directv has already rplaced one Dvr with another. The new one is slightly better, but hardly. I am about to go back to warner cable and their Dvr instead.Directv Dvr grade D-

  29. Anonymous says:

    My Samsung SIR-S-4040-R quit working so I replaced it with one of the new R-15 units and started having problems the minute that I turned it on. Since then they have replaced the R-15 three times for various problems one time they sent me a R-10 tivo unit whitch actualy worked good for a while then it startes freezing up and they sent me another R-15 that didn’t work and when I talked to tek support he told me to clear and delete every thing and to re activate the system That didnt cure the problem but I decided to try it on my old Samsung unit and it did cure the problem with it so I now have a good working Samsung Tivo unit. The made in China R-15 and Made in Mexico R-10 units are JUNK. If you remove the covers of the R-15 and the Samsung you will find that the Samsung has over twice the circutery as the R-15 or the R-10. I build Computers and I can tell you that there is not over $75.00 of hardware in thees boxes.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I HATE THE DVR! We had TiVo and it was replaced with a DVR box from TiVo….it sucks! I agree with all the negative posts on here about the awfulness of DVR and the awesomeness of TiVo!

  31. Raymond says:

    ive only been with directv for a week and im haveing problems with shows not recording from installers attacheing the cables to my rubber roof and on top of the they cut the cord of my dish dvr which i had to pay for directv is a poor company what a scam im so disapointed.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I thought we were the only ones having problems with Directv. We’ve been customers for over 7 years and I feel completely gipped by them. We had a Sony box for the longest time with no troubles whatsoever. We “upgraded” to their DVR and have had countless problems ever since. I wish I would’ve kept a time log on how long I’ve spent on the phone with customer service. So far, we’re on our 4th replacement box in about a year and this one is starting to mess up too. It will play back a recorded show, then stop mid-show asking if I want to delete. Resetting will take care of the problem temporarily, only to have it happen again. I think we have about a year to go on our contract and then so long to Directv. There’s a Time Warner cable running in front of our house and our business is theirs. Whatever happened to taking care of your customers?

  33. Charles says:

    I was in a very nice area with beautiful Comcast cable and Verizon FIOS on the loose..then I moved. I move to a rural area and was forced to downgrade to horrible satellite service.

    I chose DirecTV thinking the customer service was good, and all this bla bla crap. I was dead wrong. I got my first DirecTV DVR15, the fan never turned on and it constantly shut down and overheated. Called DirecTV spoke with their Tech Support, which was not very intelligent by the way, and was sent a refurbished, reconditioned DVR15. Oh yah, put that baby on and in two weeks, BAM it went out. Called DirecTV, they say no problems ever with the DVR15s….

    Yah right,
    here is what I say. I say the best way to fight these conglomerate Aholes is to post their corporate numbers, executive extentions, mailing addresses, PR info, and send letters to the media and their competitors in a massive compaign. People should make YouTube videos mocking DirecTV and pass the word around. The more bad publicity the better off the world is.

    Maybe people should be contacting class action attorneys as well to start an investigation and force DirecTV to pay out millions in attorneys fees. This would be the best way to affect the stock prices of DirecTV and hurt Murdoch’s and the stock holders pockets. If we hit their money, then they would list.

  34. Anonymous says:

    We’ve been having issues with many of dirctv’s dvrs as well as customer service. We are having all of the problems mentioned, especially the dvr deleting all of our recorded programs. At this present time, the screen blanked out and now we are not even recieving reception! Any suggestions on what works? Not sure what to switch to!

  35. Herbert says:

    My Directv DVR constantly cuts off recordings in progress. I am recording a lot of programs and the issue always occurs 2 to 5 minutes before the end of the program. I had similar problems before and was told by DirecTv that this is not their problem when station overrun scheduled program times. Also there are constant problems accessing certain channels at certain times of the day. Even though my signal strength meters for Sat1 and Sat 2 show signal strengths above 90, the
    DVR does not seem to be able to find certain stations at certain times.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Having had Tivo for years with no problems, I find the DVR receiver is far worse. Picture freezing and pixalation are bad enough, but on recordings I often get playback with the voice out of sink with the video and sometimes only a partial recording the skips to the end of the recording!
    I complained to Direvtv and they sent a new receiver, which worked worse the the first (it didn’t work at all). They then sent a tech with another receiver which soon developed the same problems. I had another sent which was installed by a tech and a manager! Same problems! The techs said they don’t use DVRs because they are junk, they use Tivo!

  37. Celia says:

    I am now starting to have a problem with DVR. It is not even 1 year old. I cannot record from TNT Station No. 245.

    It records the same show twice.

    I have called twice and written 3 times and still have not gotten a satisfactory answer.

  38. Jackie says:

    I switched to DirecTV from cable a month ago and am very unhappy with it so far. First, the DVR requires two satellite inputs but I only have 1 cable outlet in each room of my house. So now I’ve got this black cable running all over my house from outside to be able to watch a channel I am not recording. Even my tiny local cable company had more advanced technology. Trying to find your favorite shows to set up recordings is harder than it should be too. It seems like if it isn’t on the guide within the next 48 hours it doesn’t recognize it as a show and you have to wait til the next time it’s on to set up the recording. The cable box makes a loud noise like the fans on old computers. It is very slow and unresponsive when I press buttons. Overall, cable was a much better option and I wish I’d known about the 2 year contract prior to the technician installing the damn dish in my yard!

  39. Zach says:

    DIRECTV charges upfront fees for HD equipment that range from $99-$199 per box. DIRECTV says you get 2 free receiver upgrades, but the charge you up to $25/mo in hidden fees and extra service charges.I can tell you from working and having DISH Network that you can get up to three HD receivers for free. DIRECTV’s DVR has been criticized for “operational bugs and its receiver has been called “a headache” (Source: CNET)