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Copy, Right

This week’s winner of the Site of the Week contest is Copy? Right. If there is one thing that I enjoy more then listening to a great song is to listen to someone else’s interpetation of a cool song. Ever wonder what The Village People would sound like in Calypso or what Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi would sound like if it was performed using synthesizers? Copy? Right is a blog that highlights the countless cover songs that seem to crop up everyday. Liza writes the blog with witty commentary and makes great song selections. Sometimes the songs don’t always stay up because of Copyright issues, but definetely a good site to monitor if you are interested in cover songs.

If anyone has a site or a blog that they would like to suggest, please send it to Davis *at* thomashawk.com This week’s site nominations are as follows:


News Mania

Radio Locator

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